The Association for the Protection of Rural Metchosin (APRM) is a registered non-profit society established in 1993 dedicated to preserving the quality of rural life and peaceful co-existence of homes, farmlands, diverse livelihoods, forests, natural habitats and trails in our community. Our membership is open to both resident and non-resident friends of rural Metchosin.

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Next Meetings:

7 pm Wednesday 21 January, Metchosin Community House.

Speaker: Ben IsittTop Polling Victoria City Councillor and CRD Board Member on


Most CRD municipalities (not Metchosin) voted in November for a study on amalgamation. The provincial government has now promised to finance this effort. Where will Metchosin fit in? Over a year ago, Mayor Ranns identified an amalgamation strategy which would not fold the rural municipalities under control of the urban ones.

Just as the amalgamation issue takes wing, residents will be asked to comment on the CRD’s draft Regional Sustainability Strategy. (The draft can be found at: https://www.crd.bc.ca/docs/default-source/regional-planning-pdf/rss/2014-10-15-rssdraft-cow-final.pdf?sfvrsn=2).  This strategy includes ideas for strengthening farming, but also for making it easier to extend the urban containment area.

With so many changes in prospect, will Metchosinites’ views be heard? Do leaders outside Metchosin see us remaining rural?

This is the first talk/discussion sponsored by APRM to enable Metchosinites to learn about these issues, raise questions, and let others know how they feel!

Refreshments. Everyone Welcome.





Association to Protect Rural Metchosin